When most people think of models, they picture slender, beautiful females. And while Harry does like to photograph those types of models, his photographic art doesn't stop there. Harry's always looking for ALL TYPES OF MODELS. They can be young, old, fat, skinny, unattractive, black, white or everything else. It's Harry's desire to show the world that you can find art and beauty in everyone.

If you'd like to be a part of Harry's portfolio of "Art and Beauty in Everyone" then contact Harry from the contact form to the left.

Harry doesn't financial pay models. Instead it's a time for pictures trade. You be a part of my photographic art by giving me your time and in return, I'll give you some incredible, creative pictures for your own personal use.

NOW, FOR THOSE SLENDER BEAUTIFUL MODELS, who want pictures for their portfolio, Harry can also do a time for pics trade with you too!

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